Protect Your Personal Information with Confidential Shred Bags

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Not sure what to do with all of those documents and junk mail that piles up around your house or worse – gets thrown out? We’ve come up with an easy solution for you – Confidential Shred Bags for your home.

Just stop by MIDCON Shredding and pick up one of our confidential shred bags. Simply prepay $25 for the large or $15 for the small bag with a credit card and take the bag home. Then, fill the bag with all the items with personal information, and once filled, seal the bag and return it to MIDCON. The sealed bag will go straight into our shredders for secured NAID destruction and you can pick up your next shred bag while you’re here.

Thieves have gotten very resourceful with what they need to take over your identity and it is increasingly easy to have your identity stolen. Simply throwing out mail and other documents around your home instead of shredding them can leave you vulnerable. It is legal for someone to rummage through your trash and gather the information you have tossed out. This includes credit card offers you never opened, address labels from junk mail and magazines, bank statements, ATM receipts, pay stubs, luggage tags, tax forms, utility bills, etc. To see a full list, please click here. 

Stop in today for your confidential shred bag and have peace of mind that your information will be safe.


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