Notification of Subcontracted or Non-NAID Certified Services


The customer must be notified in writing by management whenever all or a portion of the destruction process is being subcontracted to another service provider, or when a destruction service is not NAID Certified, but such services could be NAID Certified. This includes advance notification to potential customers at the bid or proposal stage; as well as notification at the time of the service, either on a materials receipt, certificate of destruction, customer agreement/contract or other written notice (including email). 

In instances where a subcontractor will be used, the advance notification must also identify the parties destined to accept custody, the exact location of destruction and the method of destruction, if this information is known at the time of the bid or proposal. This information must always be provided prior to or at the time the service is rendered. The notification must also indicate if a subcontractor performing destruction services is not NAID Certified.


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