Subcontractor Screening

NAID Certification requires that the Company maintain secure control over all material from the moment the custody of the material is transferred from the customer, throughout all stages of the process, i.e. transportation, staging and destruction, until the material is destroyed and responsibly disposed. It may become necessary from time to time to subcontract all or a portion of this process to other organizations, of which the Company has no immediate or direct control. In order to ensure that our customers continue to receive a secure certified service when fiduciary responsibility is transferred to a subcontractor, management will adhere to the following procedures for all situations in which a subcontractor is used:

  • Customer notification: 
    • Notify customers in writing of the use of a subcontractor. This notification must identify the parties destined to accept custody, the exact location of destruction and the method of destruction. 
    • This written notification will be included in all bids or proposals, whenever applicable, if this information is known at the time of the bid or proposal, as well as prior to or at the time the service is rendered. 
    • If the subcontractor performing destruction services is not NAID Certified, this will also be included in the customer notification.
  • Obtain the following written acknowledgments from the subcontractor(s):
    • All individuals of the subcontractor companies or agents in the chain of custody, including third party transporters, understand that the media they come into contact with may be confidential and the subcontractor accepts fiduciary responsibility of the material.
    • All employees and individuals in the subsequent chain of custody submit to the same background screening required for NAID Certification. 
    • All agents subsequently accepting custody of media must meet the current NAID Certification specifications for all applicable criteria.
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