While at Client’s Facility


Upon arrival at the client’s facility, all drivers and any assistants of the company should remember to be professional and courteous at all times.  The following guidelines should also be used:

  • There may be instances where a client makes a request outside of the scope of the assignment that will need to be dealt with immediately.  If the request is reasonable and does not seriously delay the route, then the driver should comply with the request and notify Management of the company later.  (Management will inform the client of the problem with such requests later or assess a charge for the extra service.)  If a client makes a request that is unreasonable, delays the route, compromises security, or is otherwise inappropriate, the driver should notify Management of the company immediately.  Once apprised, Management will advise the driver regarding how to proceed.
  • While at the client’s facility, if a vehicle is required to be left unattended, the cab and box must be locked, whether it contains confidential materials or not.  No materials in the company’s custody should be left unattended ever.
  • Collection containers with confidential media must never be left unattended, even if they are locked, unless they are secured in a locked company vehicle.   
  • If destruction of confidential material is not performed at the client’s facility, then the driver should secure all containers before moving them.  No person, not even an employee of the client, is allowed to examine or retrieve materials taken into the company’s possession.  If a situation requires that a client look through the materials or retrieve something from them, then the driver should contact Management first to get approval. 
  • If a customer expresses a complaint about a driver or the company, the driver should offer to convey their dissatisfaction or give them the company’s business card.
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