Vehicle Preparation

Prior to driving to a client’s location, all drivers must ensure that they are properly prepared for travel.  Drivers must do the following prior to departure:

  • Drivers must be certain that all vehicle paperwork required by the state is in the vehicle and up-to-date.  This also includes any driver’s license required.
  • Drivers must make sure the truck is loaded with any security containers, carts, or pallets that are required to execute the assigned work orders.
  • The driver should have a Receiving Ticket for each customer.  The driver is also responsible to make sure there is a sufficient supply of the company’s business cards in the truck.
  • Drivers must make certain that the truck has adequate fuel to complete the route.  There is no excuse for running out of fuel.  Such incidents will be noted and considered in employee evaluations.
  • If a vehicle is in need of repair, the driver should complete a Maintenance Request form and notify Management.
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