Security and Safety Measures for Vehicle Usage

In addition to the access limitations, the company utilizes the following security and safety measures for all drivers:

  • Driver’s Manual will be kept in every vehicle for reference purposes.
  • Each driver has been provided with a readily accessible two-way communication device.  The device should be kept on at all times unless it is prohibited while inside a customer’s facility.
  • All doors to the vehicles must be locked at all times, whether it contains confidential materials or not.
  • All drivers should exercise extreme caution in all phases of vehicle operation.  At no time should any employee put themselves or others at risk for accessing a loading area or loading materials.
  • The use of cameras in or around vehicles where confidential materials are located is prohibited without prior authorization from Management.
  • Employees are forbidden from possessing firearms while using the company’s vehicles.  Any employee found violating this policy may be dismissed.
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