Corrective Actions


Management will be responsible for directing any Corrective Actions to be executed in the event of a failed quality control check. These actions may include the following:

  • If the particle size is too large and/or the equipment is underperforming:
    • Management will arrange for maintenance of the blades and/or other components, as recommended by the equipment OEM.
  • If material has been staged for more than 72 hours, or for a longer period of time than previously agreed upon with the customer:
    • Management will notify the customer in writing (email is acceptable) of the actual/revised timeframe.
    • If the reason for the delay is due to employee error or oversight, management will retrain employees on proper destruction procedures and the training will be documented.
  • If Visitor Logs, Operational Security Maintenance Logs and/or Serial Number logs are not being filled out in accordance with NAID Certification standards:
    • Management will retrain employees on proper Certification procedures.
    • Management will document the training, including a roster of the employees who were trained.
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