Why Is Document Shredding Important for Educational Institutes?

We have talked a lot about document shredding, especially on medical sectors, tax, and accounting and for other businesses. But there is a little information about educational document shredding. Educational records are essential to keep for a certain period for obvious reasons. The educations institutes need to keep the documents archived; otherwise, there could be other problems. When the period is over, institutes can destroy those papers. But it needs to be done carefully as it holds confidential information of students and faculty members.


The best way to get rid of these papers is handling those to the shredding services of Edmond. The mobile shredding trucks can handle 1,500 to 2,000 pounds of paper per hour. Thus, it is feasible to take help of shredding services to destroy all the papers.

Shredding Option for Schools, Colleges, and Other Institutions

Public and private schools, colleges go through huge papers each year. If they try to all of those papers, it will not only occupy large space but also the institutions will overrun with papers. Since this is not at all a practical solution, it is better to shred all those documents. This document shredding beside providing safety also has other benefits.

Lower Storage Fees

A school or college might have to rent space to store all the papers. Every year only with the addition of papers, that institute needs to keep more budgets for document storing. The papers that are not at all needed can be shredded easily. Institutes can arrange a yearly session for shredding all documents.


This is the safest process to save documents from going in wrong hands. One can save the papers full of important information shredding those. The document shredding services in Edmond provide on-site, off-site shredding options. With on-site shredding, the documents are destroyed at the place, on the other hand, with off-site shredding documents are carried away to a distance place.

Going Digital

Shred documents and store those in a digital platform. Be it a hard drive or cloud platform. Before shredding papers, the institutes should ensure that papers for example mark sheets; registration certificates are stored on a digital platform. Going digital and shredding existing papers you can do your part for the environment. The shredded papers are again used for new paper production resulting in less tree cutting and deforestation.


The shredding services of Edmond ensure that papers are shredded safely. There are no risks of identity theft. The companies are compliant to the Federal Laws.

You can hire Midcon Shredding for your document shredding in Edmond. This is the company who will help you to stay compliant with the Federal Laws besides it will ensure shredding in a secured environment.