Why Do You Need a Shredding Program?


Leak or theft of information has become a huge threat in the business world. Because Oklahoma City is one of the business hubs of the United States, the need for business owners to secure critical business information becomes even more essential considering the kind of business competition in the city. Thus, document or paper shredding in Oklahoma City is a prevalent program that most companies have adopted. There are many specialized shedding companies in the city that assist businesses in keeping their information and business data safe.

The data that a business gathers and maintains is highly sensitive, thus it requires a proper storage and destruction program. More and more businesses in Oklahoma City are taking the necessary steps to initiate in-house document shredding programs. This is a crucial step because if sufficient attention is not put into properly destroying paper documents, employees will simply dispose of them in the trash bin. You definitely don’t want to face the harsh consequences for the misplacement of sensitive business information.

Here’s why shredding programs have become the call of the hour:

In the Name of the Law!

Identity theft is like a storm that has to be tamed. Thus, laws have been enacted by both state and federal government bodies on the requirement of shredding. According to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2004 (FACTA), companies that don’t adopt a shredding program will be charged with heavy penalty fines.

Protect Your Customers

If you have a shredding program, you no longer have to explain to your best customers why their information was not well protected.

Protect Employee Privacy

Apart from addresses, social security numbers and names, employee files also contain a huge amount of confidential data such as emergency contacts or bank account numbers that can be easily used in cases of identity theft. In short, all employee information, including health insurance forms, is susceptible to theft if not protected by the timely destruction of documents.

Prevent the Leakage of Trade Secrets

Trade secrets in a company are always under constant threat, and shredding is the best way to protect them. This is because throwing them into the trash will no longer keep them covered by the law, specifically the Industrial Espionage Act of 1996.

Go Green

Document shredding services also help you contribute to sustainability, because document destruction is not all that they do; shredding services also recycle. This way, even your most treasured customers will be aware of the company’s curbed environmental impacts. Plus, you can also save on trash hauling.

Trash Is Public Domain

You must remember that according to the law, trash is taken as public domain, meaning that your garbage is gone through by people on a routine basis. People generally look for free food and boxes in the trash, but even then, why take the risk? It is always better to shred.

Prevent Local News Embarrassment

When sensitive information is leaked, cameras and local media follow you. They can go to the extent of triggering unrest among your customers by asking them if they were aware of the fact that their information was unprotected. So, it is best to opt for document shredding services that leave no space for such embarrassments.

Save Money

The biggest saving that paper shredding can get your company is the fine that you would have to pay otherwise. Apart from that, much business capital can also be saved.