What Happens with Papers after Shredding

We all more or less know about document shredding. And we all are accustomed to it, especially to its importance. But we do not have any vast idea what happens with the papers after shredding. Because of this blurred idea, some people are afraid of handing over critical documents to a shredding company. If you choose a legally compliant company, like paper shredding companies in Tulsa, be sure about security. They do not mishandle the papers. But for your concern and knowledge, you need to know where all the papers go after shredding.

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Besides maintaining the highest security level, a shredding process helps to reduce many other risks as well as saves employee energy. To know what happens next, give a close look at the entire process.

Pick-up and Transportation

Most of the paper shredding companies in Tulsa gives destruction bins to the office premises. Ask your employees or train them to dispose of all documents (those are not needed) safely there. It depends on you, whether you want to destruct papers at the office or at a distant place. If you want an off-site destruction, the companies use a GPS monitored vehicle to transport the documents after picking up from your place. If you choose a NAID certified company, they are obliged to send all the shredded papers to a paper mill for recycling.

Paper Recycling

No matter what your business size is, it plays a crucial part in paper consumption and use of the United States. As per survey reports, 4.5 million tons of office documents are shredded every year in the United States. This amount is quite enough for building a 12-foot long paper wall.

All the papers are recycled and transported to nearby paper mills. From there a large number of shredded papers are used to make tissue products including paper towels.

Environment-Friendly Business Practice

A document shredding company in Tulsa always encourages an environment-friendly business practice. Staying aligned with it shows that you have the awareness to protect our Mother Earth and your commitment to cut down the carbon footprint of your company. To say precisely, every 2000 pounds of paper can save:

  • 380 gallons oils
  • 54 million BTU’s energy
  • 17 trees
  • 7000 gallons of water
  • 60 pounds of air pollutants 
  • 3.3 cubic landfill yards 
  • 4100 kWh energy

At Midcon Shredding, the document shredding company in Tulsa, we truly understand your requirement of paper destruction. That is why we have designed a process that is secured and updated. You can also ask for a customized plan, we will surely look after it.