Shred to Stay Safe and Compliant: Types of Shredding

Business owners often forget the most essential part of protecting their clients’ privacy: the personal information they collect. They might have CCTV cameras for surveillance, IDs for all employees, security locks, burglar alarms, security guards and many other safeguards, but they fail to destroy the confidential information of the business and its clients. Recycling is indeed an eco-friendly method, but the documents need to be destroyed before being recycled. Otherwise, the security of the data may be at stake.

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Professional shredding services can be helpful in this case. If the paper documents are shredded properly, they will not be at risk of unauthorized access. First, it is the business’s duty to protect the personal information of the consumers, and second, it is good for maintaining the company’s safety and security. In addition, in the case of mishandling personal information, the business can be held responsible for the breach of the federal laws regarding data protection.

Several Types of Shredding

The shredding services in Houston offer several types of shredding processes depending on the need and preference of the customer. The description of those types will be discussed here to clear the air.

For confidential document shredding, three types of shredding services are provided: strip cut, cross cut, and crypto cut.

Strip Cut: The shredding services in Houston provide this basic service for documents with low confidentiality. With this type of shredding, the papers will be cut in parallel lengths. The length of each strip will be identical to the actual length of the paper. This is often used in many firms because it is economical and capable of shredding a large amount within a short time. On the other hand, it will be easier for an attacker to reconstruct the entire document with a little patience.
Cross-Cut: This is an advanced version of the previous method. In this case, the papers will be cut from both sides: across the length and width. As a result, the documents turn into small pieces like confetti. There are also variations of cross-cut shredders. Depending on the model, it can make 300 to 1,500 pieces of paper out of an A4 sheet. It is far more effective than the previous type. Because it makes the pieces smaller, it requires fewer waste bags. A cross-cut shredder with standard level 4 shreds papers into maximum 2-by-5-millimeter particles. It is extremely difficult for intruders to access information from these particles. The shredding services in Houston include this option for customers who need an advanced level of shredding.

Crypto Cut: This is the most advanced type and is designed for the most confidential document protection. It uses a DIN level 5 or 6 machine, which shreds the papers into a maximum size of 0.8 by 12 millimeters and down to 0.8 by 4 millimeters.In this case, an A4 paper can be shredded into 1,500 to 3,000 pieces.

While deciding on the shredder, you should consider the volume of waste. It may include credit cards, CDs, floppy disks, etc.

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If you want to get a shredder of your own, you may have to consider the volume of waste, the size of the particles, the space for holding the papers and the price as well. Rather than getting a shredder of your own and taking the entire responsibility, it is better to opt for Midcon Shredding, one of the best shredding services in Houston, from whom you can get help according to your need and preferences.