Shred-All Policy: The Best Way to Protect Data

The Data Protection Law of the United States of America mandates to secure the personal information of citizens for every business. The information can be pertaining to anything including medical, finance, education, business, property and many others, but the information should not be mishandled. For mishandling the information, the business may fall under the violation of the federal law and the consequences can extend to a fine or even license cancellation. Therefore, in order to stay compliant with the law, the business needs to opt for shredding services in Oklahoma City and other parts of the U.S.

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The businesses are now choosing the shred-all policy as an easy option to stay out of legal fuss. In this program, the documents that reach the expiry date are immediately shredded by the respective paper shredding service in Oklahoma City. The policy makes it convenient for the business people to step ahead of the security liability threat. The destruction of the paperwork on a regular basis lessens the scope for skipping any document from shredding.

The shred-all policy holds immense importance. Looking at those you will understand why this is the best way of protecting the personal information.

No Scope for Human Error

It is said ‘err is human’, but when a law is involved, no error can be considered minor. The handling of the documents and the destruction of it manually can leave a room for mistake. If any document slipped from the careful attention, it can be lost and mishandled as well. If you opt for the shred-all policy for shredding services in Oklahoma City, they will destroy the documents easily without making any mistake.

Compliance Is Important

If you own a small business, you should not avoid the paper shredding service in Oklahoma City. You may not have a lot of customers and a lot of documents, but if any of those goes is mishandled, there are Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, FACTA, Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act, and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) to take a step against you. You will obviously not want to end up ruining your business just because of these compliance issues.

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Training Personals

You have to train your staffs so that they don’t take this security casually. Let them understand the importance of data protection and the possible consequences for the compliance issues. Train them about the handling and scheduling the shredding regularly.

Eco-friendly in Nature

Generally, most of the shredding services in Oklahoma City include recycling in their service after shredding. And we all know that recycling is useful to preserve the ecological balance.

Therefore, you should also opt for all-shred policy, regardless of your business size and for the services you can contact Midcon Shredding in Oklahoma City.