Risks of E-Media and Hard Drive Data Destruction

We have already discussed the importance of document or paper destruction in previous posts. You already know about that type of shredding, but now we are going to enlighten you on the less-talked-about part of data destruction. This is e-media data shredding. Yes, you read that right. Papers or hard copies are easier to shred, but what about the data stored on your computer? There could be multiple users or even hackers who can copy data from your computer. No one can ensure the data protection of your computer 100 percent. It is better to destroy that data if it is not needed anymore. Shredding services in Oklahoma City always encourage people to hire a professional to do it.

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The benefits of e-media data shredding include:

  • It saves space.
  • Less chance of identity theft.
  • The data becomes unrecoverable, and fraudsters cannot access it.
  • It ensures your company is compliant with the federal laws.

Though the benefits are endless,  there are still a few potential risks with it. When you choose Midcon Shredding for professional data destruction in OKC, you are far away from all these risks, but it is our duty to inform you about them.

First, inaccurate data destruction should be your primary concern. An incomplete, inaccurate or false data shredding report can cost you a lot. You should make sure that the hard drive is destroyed completely and there is no possibility of data recovery. To assure this, you should involve an honest employee in the entire process. You should ask your employees to check for complete data destruction and make a report accordingly.

Second, apart from an inaccurate data shredding report, incomplete data shredding is also risky. The major reasons are overall process failure or the hard drive’s disallowance to delete everything. The data might be marked as completely destroyed, whereas the real picture can be way different; you must take some preventative steps beforehand. Here lies the importance of hiring professional shredding services in Oklahoma City.

Third, the final concern is the health and safety of staff members and workers. Generally, shredding companies use highly magnetic machines to destroy data. Therefore, it is important to take necessary precautions. You should make sure that the company you have hired maintains safety standards. You can also provide necessary training to your employees and provide protective tools such as face masks, eye protectors, ventilators, etc. during the destruction process.

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We hope this guide helps you to take preventive measures successfully. You can hire Midcon Shredding to stay away from all the risks, as our data destruction company in OKC knows about the risks and takes all precautions to keep you compliant with the federal laws.