Paper Shredding or Just Recycling: A Comparison

Recycling papers is a good way to save resources and maintain the health of the environment, but when it comes to document shredding for the sake of privacy, it may not be a safe move to make. If you are wondering how recycling can be unsafe for your documents, learning more about the difference between shredding and recycling will help you understand the notion better.

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Things to Consider for Recycling

If you take some time to think, you will figure that throwing your paper in the recycle bin is no less dangerous than throwing it in a garbage bin. Here are some points to elaborate that statement:

  • According to a declaration of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1988, noone needs a permit to search a garbage bag when it is placed on the curb. This is enough to understand how vulnerable the documents can be before they are actually recycled.
  •  The trucks that transport the recyclable documents are not safe, and the documents are not kept securely. Documents can be misplaced or stored for many days before the recycling takes place.  
  • You may not have any way to ensure that your documents are destroyed. You will have no receipt to show in an audit to prove that papers are destroyed.
  • Before recycling, the documents are sorted manually. This provides others access to your documents before they are recycled.
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Advantages of Paper Shredding

There are many paper shredding services in Tulsa, and they offer document destruction at an affordable price. For the comparison of recycling and paper shredding, other advantageous areas of shredding should be illustrated:

  • The paper shredding services in Tulsa offer three types of paper shredding services: mobile shredding, onsite shredding and offsite shredding. With the onsite shredding service, the process will be done right in front of you.
  • Shredding is altogether a very secured process. The documents are stored in a locked bin and the shredding is done immediately, allowing for no interference.
  • The recycling comes after the shredding process. When the documents are destroyed, the shredded pieces are sent for recycling.
  • You will get a certificate of destruction confirming the completed destruction.

The responsible companies offering paper destruction in OKC give the highest priority to the customers’ privacy, and therefore you can expect reliable service. Midcon Shredding is a reputed firm that offers secure paper shredding services in Tulsa and OKC. You can request our services easily with only a small investment.