Medical Document Shredding and HIPAA Compliance

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Document shredding has relevance in many industries, and in some sectors, it is mandatory. The medical industry is one of them. The information of a patient pertaining to their medical condition shouldn’t be exposed. And to ensure this, nothing can be better than document shredding. Shredding services in Houston will take care of it, maintaining the regulations of HIPAA so that no legal fuss occurs.

What Is HIPPA?

Before opting for shredding services in Houston, you should know more about HIPAA. The abbreviation stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which takes care of the right to protect the medical information of patients. This bill:

  1. Provides the right of patients to transfer their health insurance coverage to their family when the earning member, i.e., the patient, is jobless.
  2. Makes it compulsory to maintain an industry-wide standard in terms of medical information on all formalities, including billing and others.
  3. Reduces the risk of fraud and abuse.
  4. Demands protection and confidential handling of healthcare information.

What if HIPAA Is Violated?

Being one of the strictest laws, HIPAA can bring about severe consequences if the policy is violated. The excuse of not knowing the regulations will not be considered valid if any information is exposed. Be it a medical institution or an individual, the consequence can as high as the cancellation of the license. The patient is given complete rights to take legal action against the institution or individual for compromising the information.

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How Is Document Shredding Relevant?

To avoid such a situation, which may not be intentional, document shredding is the best solution. Medical document shredding refers to the destruction of documents that contain even a little data about a patient. This information includes the medical history, basic whereabouts, treatment and anything else relevant to the patient. Our shredding services in Houston perform this job professionally so that no unauthorized person can access and misuse the information.

Documents that are stored and managed electronically can also be destroyed by the efficient service of document shredding in Houston.

Why Choose a Reputed Shredding Service?

It is not possible for an inexperienced individual to destroy documents completely. Expertise is needed to perform the job properly. Reputed shredding companies ensure HIPAA and OSHA compliance, but before choosing the best business, be sure that:

  • The company is totally aware of the protocols of HIPAA.
  • They are acquainted with different modes of document shredding.
  • They encourage professional involvement in supervising the process.
  • The entire method is cost-effective.
  • You will get relevant paperwork containing the details of the entire process.
  • You can audit it if you wish or need to.

Midcon Shredding checks off all of these criteria. Therefore, for professional, effective document shredding in Houston, you can rely on Midcon to provide this service at an affordable rate.