How to Declutter Your Home or Office


The modern age is the Age of Digitalization. But, having said that, clutter—especially paper clutter­—seems to be a common occurrence in homes as well as offices. Paper in the form of junk mail, electricity and other bills, tax receipts, to-do lists . . . the list never seems to end, and it also doesn’t take very long for a pile of papers to gather on your desk or somewhere in the house. Moreover, with more and more small businesses emerging in the state of Oklahoma, there is a significant increase in the services of paper shredding in Broken Arrow. As it is the fourth largest city in Oklahoma, both residences and offices are in abundance in Broken Arrow, OK.

Is decluttering a relevant step?

Clutter may seem to be a part of life, because no matter how much you try to keep your office or hose clean, tidy and organized, every other day you’ll find junk papers cluttering here and there. Often times, clutter becomes difficult to manage, as you already have too much work to spare time for checking which paper is important in the heap of papers and which is not.

You can sort out this cluttered mess in your busy life by calling on the nearby services of paper shredding in Broken Arrow. Until and unless clutter starts creating a hindrance to your daily schedule and work life, it is a general tendency for people to ignore it. Nonetheless, ignoring or overlooking this never serves as a solution. Rather, the clutter expands in volume with each passing moment. Thus, the concept of decluttering is not just a relevant step that you must take, but it is also the most logical option. This may sound foolish, but it is true that clutter is important, as it may consist of papers containing sensitive and critical or confidential information that can be prone theft.

You surely do not want to put information like your financial statements, credit card bills or all your medical records in the wrong hands. Especially in the case of businesses, this kind of disorganization involving important documents can really cause some major problems and ethical issues if your office is responsible for storing sensitive data of clients or patients. Thus, amidst ever expanding threats of theft, you must put into effect decluttering methods as a part of your security strategy.

Identity theft in a workplace is one the common threats of today that decluttering can curb to a great extent. Recent certified reports have stated that about 41 million U.S. citizens have experienced identity theft, and more than that number are aware of identity thefts happening to friends and acquaintances. Each stolen confidential record is a cost to the company involved, and the number is increasing every year. So, it is imperative to have a decluttering plan in place, whether it is your home or office in question, in order to prevent security breaches or fraud.

When do you know it is time?

If you are still puzzled as to whether it is time for you to create a de-clutter plan, here are some relevant circumstances:

·         Come up with a new clutter management game plan if you are no longer able to figure out how to keep the contents of your clutter safe because the clutter has become a huge, overwhelming pile.

·         If you have amassed paper clutter that has become so abundant that you no longer know what’s in the pile that you can’t risk losing, decluttering is a must.

But what if you’ve reached a point where you are so overwhelmed and fed up with all the clutter that you want to get to rid off all of it in one go? This is an extremely risky juncture. You may want to clean up the entire space and put all the clutter into a recycling bin or Dumpster without checking its contents even once, but have you considered that by doing so you may be making your critical or confidential information open to the public? This information can at any moment be used against you. After all, recycling doesn’t at all guarantee that this information won’t confront any kind of threat before the actual recycling process happens.

So, if you can relate to any of the above circumstances, it is high time that you employ a proper declutter plan in your office or home.

Beat clutter before it can take shape!

Once you have reached the juncture where you are certain about the material that you can let go (i.e., personal and professional data that has been digitally