Document Shredding: What Should you Keep? What Should you Shred?

Once trash is off your property, you hold no legal right over it and those documents can be taken by anyone. This opens doors for identity theft, credential theft, illegal use of papers etc. Being a homeowner or business runner, you should be aware of how to correctly dispose of documents. In not doing so, you open the door to legal issues and could potentially face a heavy fine. Keeping all of these risks in mind, you should be cautious about what you are throwing in the trash.

If you have a large number of papers in need of disposal, you can hire a paper shredding service in Tulsa. When deciding to aquire these services, you need to ensure the company is compliant with all Federal Laws. You also need to be mindful of what you are surrendering, some documents need to be retained for your business or personal records.

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Depending on the type of document, you will need to determine what to keep and what to shred. Some documents you can have just a digitilised copy, however with some legal documents, orginals need to be retained. 

To Keep Forever:

·         Birth and death certificates

·         Social security card and number

  •  Pension plan and papers
  • Passport and other proof of identity
  • Marriage certificate
  • Business license
  • Insurance policies
  • Wills and other property related papers
  • Vehicle title and related papers

As a general rule, you need to keep all documents related to laws, certifications or deeds. Make an emergency kit and keep all of the above documents there for safe keeping.

What Can You Digitize?

If you decide to dispose of certain hard copy documents hard, it is wise to keep a digitalized copy on file for a certain period of time. Document shredding services in Tulsa suggest keeping digital copies of:

  • Medical documents, prescriptions, bills for one year or more if there is any in dispute.
  • Tax and other related documents for seven years.
  • Any kind of bank statements, including credit card details for seven years.
  • Home loan or other loans and related papers.
  • Receipts from appliance purchases.
  • Property papers.
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The Last Words

Keeping these legal documents on hand is extremely important, however, do not feel the need to keep old newpapers, junk mail or other papers that just end up as clutter. The paper shredding service in Tulsa always encourages the use of their services for safely disposing of any papers nesasary. If you are in search of document shredding in Tulsa, contact Midcon Shredding today to get the best federal law compliant service.