Data Protection: The New Standard and Guidelines

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With the continuous evolution and upgrade of the technologies, everything is precise now. The evolution has reached the data storage as well. Rather than storing the bulk of papers with valuable information, people like to keep them all in a hard drive; moreover, the virtual storage makes the data management process easier. But in a few cases, you may need a hard copy. For the safety of those documents, after their respective use, shredding is important. The safety of the papers is sorted with shredding, but what about the documents those are kept in the hard drives? Where the cybersecurity attack is a prominent problem, how can you be certain of the safety of your documents? The hard drive destruction is the only way to protect those documents.

In the U.S., the data protection law is very strong and every company that deals with the customers’ personal information needs to be compliant with the law. This is the reason why people take the data destruction in OKC very seriously like other states of the U.S. The guideline and the standard has been set by D.O.D and NIST and following these belong to the top priority list of a company to avoid any legal problem.

How to stay Compliant with the Data Protection Standard?

The business may come under risk if they don’t follow the guideline properly and breach laws of data protection. People of OKC prefer data destruction as the best way to get rid of the cybersecurity attacks, but here is the guideline to meet the standards right.

  • Each section of the drive should be overwritten for three times so that to enter the drive, there should be three passes.
  • In the first pass, the data will be replaced with a character in each section.
  • In the second pass, the replacement will be done with components.
  • The third pass will replace each of the sections with random characters.
  • For the most confidential information, all the classified labels, activity logs and marking will be removed after these three passes.
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These are the best processes where you need to keep the data with proper security, but if data is vulnerable but is no of use right now, you can just destroy it to save it from mishandling. Contact Midcon Shredding for safe and secure data destruction in OKC.