Data Breach – Statistics on Healthcare Organizations

We already have talked a lot about paper and document shredding. You have an idea why is this so important for businesses. We will talk about laws and data destruction. According to the Ponemon Institute, 28 percent of data error in a company comes from employee end. This could be intentional or not being careful about documents and leaving data on printers, using an old hard drive or even not keeping data in locked cabinets – all can be reasons for data breaching.

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Hacking is still the biggest reason of data breaching. In 2017, 791 data breaching cases were reported, that is 29 percent higher than previous records. The current rate of data breaching is likely to increase up to 1500 cases and if it happens that would be 37 percent increment than ever.

Following these statistics data destruction in OKC follows all Federal Laws. Healthcare organizations need to follow HIPAA/HITECH act and it protects data from being stolen or mishandled. This act ensures transparency in document handling. The GLBA and FACTA laws also ensure data security in other sectors such as tax, accounting etc. We will here check statistics of medical data breach and statistics.

Reasons of Data Threat and Statistics

As mentioned above, hacking is one of the biggest threats of data breaching. It increases five percent every year and 63 percent of data breaching on the first six months of a year took place due to hacking. 47.7 percent of hacking took place from phishing, ransomware, malware, and skimming. The second biggest reason for data breach is employee error. Negligence in paper disposal and mishandling are accountable for nine percent of total data breach and accidental exposures are liable for seven percent.

The data destruction service in OKC has an interesting fact. According to a breach portal, 37 percent of medical data exposure took place due to hacking or IT incidents that are 19 percent higher than in the previous years.

The next reason is unauthorized access or disclosure. 58 incidents, in total 35 percent of incidents took place due to it. Only it has decreased 14 percent than previous years. Loss of devices like mobile phones, laptops are accountable for 24 percent of cases that is 40 incidents.

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Following these statistics, the healthcare organizations are looking closely to data and its security. You can call Midcon Shredding for data destruction service in OKC as a preventive measure to stop data mishandling.