Categories of Documents Eligible for Shredding

The FACTA disposal rule has been implemented for all businesses since June 2005. As per the Federal Law, the companies should abide by the law and order of document shredding. The personal data protection of the citizen is the principal objective of data shredding. You should hire a document shredder in order to get rid of the documents which are your responsibilities but do not hold any importance now.

There are several types of documents which are eligible for shredding. If you know the types, it will be easier for you to categorize them and hire the shredding services in Houston.

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Official Business Records

These are the records which you need to store for three to seven years. The validity of these documents ends up between these periods. Every year the companies review the documents. Those which are expired are destroyed and the rest are stored. The high-volume document shredding services in Houston are hired here to take the bulk of papers to the shredding plants and shred them securely.

The Secondary Records

The secondary records consist of the individuals’ records those are retained in their desk or cabinets. The records are typically pertaining to the assigned jobs, projects, performance evaluation documents etc. The companies which tend to ignore shredding these documents often fall in the legal disputes in the future. These also should be dumped in the shredding bin and emptied by the shredder after a regular period of interval.

Daily Records

No matter how trivial the information is, if it is pertaining to any of the individuals, the destruction of that is imperative. If any of the documents fall under the breach of data protection law or privacy act, the company will be in thick soup. It can lead to fine and cancelation of the license as well.

There are three modes of shredding that you can choose from. Those are mobile shredding, plant-based shredding, off-site shredding. According to your need and preference, you can choose the most convenient mode for you.

While hiring a shredding service in Houston you need to keep some points in mind. You need to check:

  • Certifications.
  • References from other sources.
  • The required time.
  • The type of shredding they are offering.
  • The security.
  • Possibility of recycling etc.

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