3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Shredding Documents

Every year When the tax due date is upcoming, you feel like sorting out the papers from a heap of other papers. Then many a thing gets in your hands which are no longer important but holds enough personal information. Neither you can’t just throw them into a garbage bin, nor can you store as it will occupy spaces. If you are on the verge of hiring a paper shredder for the documents you have, here are something you should know.

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Paper shredding in Broken Arrow comprises some rules and regulations and often people make mistakes while following it. The service providers with adequate expertise know better how to stay compliant with the rules and how to protect your privacy. They can play the role on your behalf, but you should know the facts based on which you can hire the right one.

Ask three questions to yourself and it will help you to choose you the best among others:

  • What to Shred?

None but you should know which one is to shred and which is not. There are several documents which will not be required ever, there are some which you may need in coming seven to ten years, and there are some which you have to keep forever. The last section does not fall into the category of shredding. Keep those in a safe place. For the second category, if the validity period is expired or not. Keep them if those hold importance still; otherwise throw it with the first category. You can consult the experts on document shredding in Broken Arrow regarding these things.

  • What Mode of Shredding Do You want?

You have to decide which shredding model you want for your documents. The paper shredding service in Broken Arrow offers three models of shredding to their customers. You can choose from the drop off shredding service, off-site shredding or mobile on-site shredding service. In the drop off shredding, the experts take your documents from your place and keep it safe until those are shredded. They charge a rate per bag, per pound or per box.

The other is the off-site shredding where your documents will be mixed with other documents and it will be shredded according to the schedule of the shredding company. This service does not allow you to look at the process, so it is considered a little unsafe.

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The third one or the mobile on-site shredding is something which will be done in front of you. The shredding experts of paper shredding service in Broken Arrow will bring the machine at your place and shred papers in front of you. This is the safest process as it follows the cross-cut shredding method to make the papers unarrangeable.

  • What Kind of Service Do You want?

You can call the paper shredding service in Broken Arrow when you need, or you can schedule a time for them to come and shred the extra papers.

Avail the service of Midcon Shredding who helps you in determining all three questions and make the process smooth and hassle-free for you.