Document Shredding: Convenient and Easy Like Never Before


Eating well and exercising may not be things you love to do, but they are essential for your health. Document shredding is like this. In case you have some misconceptions regarding document shredding, here is the easiest definition of it: It is basically the recycling of documents that you have stopped using and that hold no importance now. It is necessary to shred or organize those documents to make space for new ones. To help you further understand the process of document shredding and its importance, below is an explanation of the benefits, as well as some tips.

Benefits of Responsible Document Shredding In Houston

  • You don’t need to do it by yourself, as we provide document shredding in Houston without any hassle.
  • After the documents are shredded, we recycle the resulting bits of paper to make sure the data is all destroyed yet kept out of the landfill. We strive to be responsible citizens and take care of the environment. The recycling will also help prevent trees from being used for paper in the future.


  • To shred some documents, we need to abide by certain state and federal regulations such as HIPAA laws. You can trust us with your personal documents. We respect such rules and guarantee that no violation of the law will occur during the shredding process.
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  • It’s a win-win: Your employees will be happier with a cleaner workplace, and your customers will be happier knowing they can trust you with confidential information.
  • In addition to the benefits, we believe that our customers should know about the dos and don’ts of document shredding. Here are the lists we follow in our process of document shredding in Houston:


1.       We believe shredding receipts is a wise choice, unless you need them for a deduction or warranty. Always check them against your credit cards before destroying.


2.       The notes from an expired project are generally of no use. Once the project is completed, you don’t need them. It’s better to destroy them and make space for upcoming project notes.

3.       If you have personal letters that you don’t feel you need to keep and reread, we can shred those too. Don’t just throw them away, as they may contain personal information and addresses.


4.       After completing a trip, you no longer need to keep your travel itinerary. If it’s from a personal vacation, cherish the memories through photos and shred the itinerary, which likely contains personal information.

5.       We destroy documents with your maiden name, as these can be a big security issue later. Security questions often involve your maiden name or your mother’s, so you don’t want that information lying around.

6.       As a doctor or staff person at a clinic or hospital, you do not want your patients’ information to end up in the wrong hands. We shred documents from medical offices to avoid these issues.

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7.       The same rule is followed regarding banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. Taking into account the privacy regulations provided by federal laws, we shred the documents carefully and responsibly.

8.       Junk mail is the last, but not the least, type of document that should also be shredded.


1.       We don’t touch property papers and records; rather, we advise that you store them safely.

2.       Tax returns should be kept for at least seven years, but if you have claimed compensation for a loss, you should keep the related documents.

3.       Keep records of home and business improvements. These will be needed when you sell the property.

If you are a resident of Houston, call Midcon Shredding for all of your document destruction needs. We have earned positive feedback from our customers for responsible document shredding in Houston. It is our guarantee to serve you with the best document shredding.