Why Should You Take Advantage of Document Shredding Services?


You are a business owner, and over the years, you have dealt with papers and documents like tax files of your clients or, if you work at a hospital, patient details. But everything is piled up in various places around the office or in the storage room. It makes the office environment shabby and untidy, and dust particles are on everything. You may even have had clients complain about identity theft.

If this is a common scenario for you, now is the time to make a change. If you feel those documents are not needed or you have already made digital copies of them, you can easily shred them. But how? This often seems to be a tricky question because there are multiple risks involved with disposing documents, but all your questions end with shredding services in Houston.


These documents are your responsibility, as they hold important information about your clients and business. The federal laws of the U.S. have implemented HIPAA, FACTA and GLBA. The HIPAA compliance, enforced in 1996, is for the medical industry and assures that clinics maintain all medical documents in the right way and do not use them unethically. Breaching this law can result in severe fines, license suspension, etc. The FACTA law is about documents related to taxes, billing and financial accounts, and it was enacted in 1998. Unethical or other illegal use can result in penalties. The GLBA of 1999 protects documents of banks, tax firms, real estate offices, brokers, insurance companies and others.

If there are so many federal laws about document shredding, it must be important to businesses. Here are some benefits of using document shredding services in Houston:

1. It gives you peace of mind that the information is destroyed ethically. The shredding services in Houston follow proper on-site and off-site processes for shredding documents, thus assuring the documents are not being misused.

2. The shredding service stops you from needing to buy expensive paper shredding machines or equipment. The task is completely taken care by a third party, and it is cost-effective.

3. Shredding documents and recycling them prevents paper from going to the landfill. Recycling the shredded paper saves trees, and thus you can contribute your bit to the environment.

4. Having a third-party service shred your documents will keep you compliant with the federal and state regulations.

5. It will build up trust between you and your customers.

6. This is the cleanest and safest way to keep trash and clutter out of your office.

We at Midcon Shredding, one of the best shredding services in Houston, deliver excellent service and protect your data from fraudsters. We use the cross-cut method, ensuring that your information is irrevocably destroyed. We also give your employees a brief overview about document shredding and how can it help them. This service adds value to your business and diminishes all possibilities of threats.