Off-Site Shredding: The Concept and the Counterpart


Document shredding is a common process to destroy your personal and commercial documents for security purposes. For paper shredding, there is another purpose as well: recycling of the shredded papers. Many organizations fail to maintain transparency with their customers, and this leads to the question, “Is shredding safe?” In this article, you are going to get a close look at the process of shredding, categories and tips.

The Two Processes of Shredding

Like most service providers, shredding services in Houston also include two types of shredding for destroying papers. The process offered varies from business to business. Some provide on-site shredding, while others offer off-site shredding. This depends on the setup of the company, i.e., whether they have a  portable shredder to perform the job at your place, or they must take the documents to their facility.

Off-Site Shredding: The Common Conception

According to many experts, on-site shredding services in Houston are much safer than the off-site options. There are some points that support this statement:

· The scope of transparency for the off-site process is much less than that of on-site shredding. The customer cannot witness the process.

· The off-site shredding companies generally collect papers from several places all together, and if the collectors do not keep everything sealed, the safety of your documents may be at stake.

· Sometimes, the off-site shredding process may take much more time than you expected. Remember, during this period, the safety of your documents can be in question.


The Advantages of Off-Site Shredding

While off-site shredding is mostly looked at with the question of security, here are some advantages to consider.

  • Although the documents from several different places are collected together and dumped in one place for shredding, the chance of someone finding your confidential papers is almost nil. Your papers will be mixed with thousands of other documents.
  • The collectors are well-trained to perform the job.
  • The truck in which the documents are dumped is well-secured with locks.
  • Most reputed shredding services in Houston take immediate action to shred the documents once they reach the facility.
  • The baled shredded papers are sent for recycling, and until then, they remain secured.

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