Manage Tax Filing Papers: Document Shredding Services Eliminate Risks

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You feel great relief after the year has ended, knowing the hustle and bustle of tax filing for your clients is over for now. I hope you are already gearing up for the next year’s tax filing. But what about the piles of paper scattered all over the office? If one starts exploring those piles, they will likely find everything from tax receipts and return documents to canceled checks, banking credentials, brokerage statements and others.

The city and state you live and/or work in likely has rules pertaining to keeping tax documents for a certain period. But if you are keeping pace with digitalization, and everything is saved in the cloud, then what is the need for saving those papers? Rather than piling them all over the office, you can hire document shredding services in Houston.

Document shredding is a process that relieves you from all those papers and makes your office space tidy. But bear in mind that, in some exceptional cases, the legal limitations of keeping a certain document might be extended. Before hiring a shredding service company, you should research what those documents are and keep them aside.

What the Law Says About Shredding for CPAs and Tax Filing Firms

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Laws such as FACTA, or the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, include provisions about document disposal, but the bottom line is accuracy and privacy. These are the most important conditions to consider, and when it comes to our shredding services in Houston, you can just relax. Our services destroy your papers completely using the cross-cutting method, and you can choose between the onsite and offsite shredding services according to your needs and preferences.

The Graham-Leach-Bliley Act enforced since 1999 requires shredding service providers to prepare a written and well-scrutinized plan to protect customers’ confidential financial documents. The nature of this act demands that document shredding services in Houston maintain their customers’ privacy, and this is regarded as our topmost priority.

The next law created to protect customers who use a shredding service is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. According to this act, all public companies should keep their financial records for a minimum of five years and disclose and evaluate them on demand. They should also maintain an internal document retention policy.

Document Shredding—Why Tax Filing Firms Are Hunting for It


Finally, many accounting firms have understood that shredding is the smartest and most convenient way to protect their documents from fraudsters. Financial documents are considered to be the most delicate ones, and when in the wrong hands, they can lead to grave economic problems in your professional life. You surely do not want those valuable papers with future plans and confidential information to be available to fraudsters. By hiring shredding services in Houston, you can save your clients from embarrassment and yourself from financial loss, and this also helps improve the reputation of your business.

In addition, hiring a shredding service is good for the environment. The shredding company will not burn the papers or throw them out; rather, the shredded documents will be recycled. This is an excellent way to help save trees and keep reusable resources out of landfills.

When hiring a shredding service can do this much for your business and for the environment, it is difficult to come up with any reasons not to do so. No matter what type of service you want, you can call Midcon Shredding in Houston. According to your needs, they will shred and recycle unwanted papers either onsite or offsite.