Hard Drive Data Destruction: Risks and Benefits Unfolded


Whether your documents include client credentials or your own information related to business or personal data, after a certain time, they should all be shredded. As we currently live in a digital era, everything is saved either on a hard drive or in cloud storage. You can buy cloud storage according to your requirements and plans; there is no need to clear space. But when you use an internal or external hard drive for your home or office purposes, accumulating excess data is not a wise idea.

 Before you dispose of the hard drive or reuse it for another purpose, it is necessary to free up space by deleting data. To accomplish this properly, you can call Midcon Shredding for professional data destruction and document shredding in Houston.

 A shredding service can help you manage a lot of hard drives and maintain the reputation of your business. Often, companies try to destroy their data manually and avoid using software or a professional service, but the results are not as good.

 What Are the Risks of Unprofessional Data Destruction?

 Incomplete Destruction:

 This is the biggest threat associated with unprofessional data destruction. If the drives are not scanned or manually reported before destroying, a dishonest employee can record all the data and use it for deceitful purposes. If you hire a professional service, there is no room for such information theft. They have one person destroy the data and another monitor accuracy. You can double the security by employing one or two of your own employees to monitor the process.

 Health At Stake:

 Destroying electronic devices or the information on them is itself hazardous, and it puts your employees’ health at risk. Metals used in the devices are toxic and can cause several diseases including asthma, allergies and lung problems. These materials are categorized into four types of hazards: toxicity, reactivity, corrosivity and ignitability. Businesses offering professional document shredding in Houston know how to prevent these ill-effects of electronic devices and complete the destruction process safely and successfully.

 Benefits of Destroying Hard Drive Data:

 Whether you run a large corporation, educational or medical institution, or government or other agency, you should destroy data in compliance with the HIPAA and FACTA regulations set by federal laws. Not providing data security can result in a hefty fine. Hiring Midcon Shredding for data destruction and document shredding in Houston can prevent data breaching, cut down on internal costs and give you peace of mind.