Go Paperless: Document Management In a New Phase


As we continue through 2018, we find document management to be a relevant topic to discuss. The term refers to a vast area that is important for the forward movement of any company. In this digitalized universe, in which we shift from understanding content as an asset to considering it as knowledge and value, it is essential to handle document management wisely. The awareness of content and interest in learning about its management are trending now across multiple industries, including education, medicine, insurance, law and corporate.

Prominent Areas

In medical document management, paper shredding is essential for destroying a patient’s personal information and preventing it from getting misplaced. Identity theft can also be prevented if the documents are shredded after a patient is discharged from the clinic. However, you should keep the records in the digital form or save them in cloud storage—and this rule is applicable for every industry.

For the education sector, it is unnecessary to keep all the student files for years and years. When data management can be done on the computer, why waste physical space? The same goes for the insurance and law sectors too. It is hectic and tiresome to keep records on paper. Before hiring a paper shredding service in Tulsa, however, remember to make digital copies of all your documents.

Document shredding is an important part of document management. The companies that know the benefits of it regularly utilize this process. You also deserve to know about it for a better approach toward your business.

Space Management

Whether it is your file cabinet or your shelf, document shredding always helps manage space. Storing documents electronically and shredding the papers is trending now. Paper shredding in Tulsa, can help you vacate space on your desk and storage areas to make room for more important things. One report found that if commercial shredding is maintained properly, it can free up to 13 percent of office space.

Time Management


Before the evolution of digital technology, documents were maintained manually, and accessing any information was a tedious job to perform. Destroying the documents and keeping a digital backup makes information much easier to keep a track of, access and use. Stated simply, it will boost your office efficiency.

Security Management

If you have confidential documents in the form of paper, paper shredding in Tulsa can be helpful for you. Shredding unnecessary documents is better than leaving them open to the possibility of being misused. In a commercial setting, you can control what information each of your employees has access to, as well as what permissions they have regarding the editing and creating of documents. Proper document management will keep your information secure from any disaster.

Growth Management

With the growth of your company, you will have more resources, and the policy, salary structure and project management can be hectic. If everything was done through paperwork, the management of it would be complicated, and the chance of documents being mishandled would increase. Turning everything into a paperless process and reducing the need for papers is a better choice. Call Midcon Shredding for efficient paper shredding in Tulsa.

Financial Management

According to a report by the Association for Information and Image Management, 77 percent of the organizations who have adopted this paperless technology and paper shredding received ROI within a year and a half. By going paperless, some companies have saved money by removing certain department positions. They either installed document software or signed a deal with a service provider. This investment is much less than maintaining the paperwork manually.

We at Midcon Shredding also encourage you to go paperless in your business. It will save trees as well as benefit you. If you have too many documents and want to go paperless, we are just one call away. We will shred all your hard documents and will also be available to manage them.