Why Data Destruction Polies Are Essential in Oklahoma


Data Is the New Oil


“Data is the new oil” is a statement that holds true for everyone beyond the year 2000. The second millennium is the coming together of data: good data, bad data, obsolete data, trendy data, pertinent data and high-value data. Data in all its forms is being recorded by all kinds of organizations, government-run institutions and even individuals. Even corporations—think Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and now even Facebook—are rapidly collecting user form data, user posts, trends through blogs, chats on forums and emotional responses to events. It is all getting recorded and it is all available for a price.

These Are Scary Times

All people can infer from this that these are scary times. Your personal chats with your spouse, as well as work conversations with your HR manager, are all available to the government and police, and anyone with the means as well. Data is dangerous, and saving data has to be thought over twice. Now, with the spread of the internet across all national borders and all time zones, it has become very relevant and necessary that data awareness be raised. And more importantly, data destruction should be taken very seriously, as it is one of the few ways to protect privacy—a fundamental right in many constitutions of the world.

Why Erase Digital Data?


Data destruction in OKC is carried out by Midcon Shredding, and they are one of the pioneers in the industry, since they do their job well and with great expertise. Data destruction first requires a fundamental policy to exist in your organization, institution or home. With this policy, you will be able to extract digital data and turn it into garbled ones and zeroes as soon as its relevance expires for you. Otherwise, it may be encrypted and saved for future use, keeping it safe from the prying hands and eyes of the digital collective beasts.

How to Erase Digital Data


When Midcon Shredding carries out digital data destruction in OKC, they take your unwanted digital media, including the following:

  • Hard disk drives
  • Solid state drives
  • USB flash drives
  • Floppy disks
  • CD-ROMs
  • DVDs
  • Blu-rays
  • Files on internet cloud drives such as:

o   Google Drive

o   Microsoft OneDrive

o   Dropbox

 They then erase all of the data in these locations. The termination of data is carried out in a professional and careful manner such that no data leaks, digital footprints or unwanted data loss occur.

Data Termination Scheduling

It is best to schedule data checks in a timely and routine manner so as to prevent placing any sudden burden on your employees or other members in your group. Scheduling data checks ensures timely and routine data termination, and no data leaks, unwanted data loss or accidental data uploads take place. When data checks have been scheduled and the digital media are sorted in a timely fashion, all the data-related hassles on your end are taken care of. Midcon Shredding will take care of everything else. Simply arrange the media that needs to be terminated and hand it to the experts upon their arrival.