Recurring Document Shredding—How Does It Help?


When it comes to clearing up a heap of papers, many of us just become lazy. “Let’s do it next week” and “the stack isn’t too big yet” are some common thoughts that encourage people to put off dealing with documents that are no longer needed. However, promptly and regularly disposing of those unnecessary stacks is important for running your business efficiently. Documents stored for a long time can cause high risk to your business, and disposing of them incorrectly can possibly result in penalties. A recurring shredding service in Oklahoma City can help your business dispose of documents properly with tailor-fitted services.

To ensure your business is compliant, you can hire one of the excellent shredding companies in OKC. MIDCON Shredding follows the guidelines outlined by HIPAA and is NAID AAA certified.

Types of Shredding

Off-Site Document Destruction: This is an unparalleled shredding service with a competitive price. How does it work? The shredding company will send a truck to your location to collect your documents and take them to its shredding facility. There, the documents are securely destroyed using the cross-cut method.

On-Site Shredding: With this method, the shredding company destroys and recycles the documents in front of you. They do not transport the documents, which helps build up trust between the shredding service and your business.

How Does Recurring Shredding Benefit Your Business?

With the benefits of recurring shredding services in Oklahoma City, you need not succumb to threats related to confidential information and document destruction. Here are the top five benefits that you can enjoy:

1. Reduced Risk of Theft: If you tend to leave a mountain of data unattended, do not be surprised at finding them in the wrong hands. Yes, you should trust your employees, but that does not mean you should overlook security. Not only does theft of your information increase the risk of business loss, but you can also be convicted or penalized.

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2.Compliance With Personal Laws: You are bound to maintain the laws, whether federal, state or local. The rules and regulations set by HIPAA and FACTA ensure that data is safe and shredding companies in okc do not fail to maintain the laws.


3. Recycling: By shredding your documents, you are contributing your bit toward saving the environment. After your documents are shredded, the shredding company recycles the resulting bits of paper, thus saving trees and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.


4. Your Reputation: Your business is your one of your most valuable assets, and when documents are not shredded properly, you are risking the security of your business. When confidential papers end up in the wrong hands, they can be used for deceitful purposes.


5. Saves Money: Maintaining an internal shredding program takes a lot of time, money and energy. You need to train the employees—help them understand the importance of shredding—and you must invest in buying the necessary equipment. There are two potential risks involved: First, your employees might ignore the process or forget to shred, and, to do the actual shredding, you might have to invest an entire work day. Alternatively, by hiring shredding services in Oklahoma City, you can stay away from all these risks.  

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