A Complete Guide to Data Destruction

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Data refers to any piece of text that contains valuable information. Companies create data in different amounts and store them for subsequent uses. Data generated by business procedures include client information, employee records, financial documents and deeds of an agreement. All this information is confidential and prone to threats and attacks. Therefore, many companies opt for data destruction in OKC to get rid of the documents safely and securely.

Shredding is the process by which data is converted into tiny pieces, making it impossible to put them back together again and misuse. In other words, the process of shredding prevents your valuable data from falling prey to leakage and abuse.

Companies differ in size, practice and modes of doing business. Thus, they generate data in varying amounts and employ different methods to dispose of it carefully. Since data can be stored in various forms like magnetic tapes, printed papers and others, the ways of disposing of information contained in these forms also vary according to the needs and preferences of the business.  Apart from shredding services, data destruction can be grouped into the categories discussed below.

 Plant-Based Shredding or Offsite Shredding


The offsite method of shredding involves the collection of all documents in large bins or console bags, which are then sent to the shredding truck. The documents inside the bins are transported to a remote location where a huge plant equipped with shredding machines destroys them completely. Some businesses feel this method is comparatively insecure, as the confidential data is likely to remain unattended. Moreover, certain offsite shredders sort out data before putting it inside the shredding machine. This makes data prone to threats and leaching. A careful investigation about the shredding company beforehand will be quite helpful in ensuring the safety of your data.

Mobile Shredding or Onsite Shredding

As the name suggests, mobile or onsite shredding refers to a process in which a shredding truck visits your business, and documents collected by a representative are taken to the truck for shredding them on your own premises. Also, the company representative issues a certificate of destruction after shredding your documents completely. This onsite method of data destruction in OKC is gaining massive popularity, because clients can keep an eye on their documents throughout the process of shredding, and thus they feel it is a more secure way of disposing of documents.

The Enron Approach

This method of getting rid of data or documents involves simply throwing them into trash bins. This method puts data at risk, because it does not destroy data but rather takes it away from your reach. Thus, it becomes susceptible to misuse. Companies are advised to pay adequate attention to data destruction, as the simple practice of tossing the data in a trash bin will invite a lot of issues. There are several toolkits available on the market that provide information about having data destruction done through a proper channel.

Hard Copy Destruction


The prudent method to get rid of hard copies or paper documents is to shred them on a regular basis. For best results, a formal system of data destruction should be created and followed by your organization. This system of data destruction will be more effective if data is sorted as confidential and general before being disposed of. This practice will ensure legal compliance and optimum efficiency.

Security Containers


Some companies have security containers to keep data safe from prying eyes. These companies also have stringent rules and regulations pertaining to sensitive and highly confidential information that require destroying documents immediately in case of threat. Businesses that have prudent staff with adequate training can opt for security containers for data destruction in OKC. These containers come in three sizes: executive consoles, large containers and bulk containers. All these variants serve different needs according to the amount of data generated by each business. Thus, you can choose among them according to your needs and requirements.

From the above, it is clear that shredding is the best way to get rid of your documents that are no longer in use, but you must be careful while choosing any one of the methods described above so that your assets stay out of unsafe hands.