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The confidentiality of patients’ medical documents is not a privilege or a benefit; rather, it is their right. Each medical document contains important data, including financial details, contact information and, most importantly, medical history. The hospital or office management should ensure that documents are stored ethically and legally in a safe place. Medical clinics and hospitals should also make sure to comply with HIPAA privacy regulations.

According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) enacted and enforced in 1996, patients in the U.S. are assured of their information’s protection. Additionally, hospitals and clinics are required to safeguard all documents and to disclose the papers only under a few and limited conditions.

Why Do You Need a Paper Shredding Service In oklahoma city?

The risk of identity theft is increasing at rocket speed. Therefore, hospitals and other medical agencies need to ensure that their documents are in safe hands and are shredded ethically and legally. From the business owner’s perspective, it is important to keep all documents in a safe place. Especially when it is related to the medical industry, criminals can go to any extent to access data.

Most medical companies previously had their own data-shredding facilities, but an increasing data breaching rate and the HIPAA regulatory act has led many of them to contact professionals like Midcon Shredding for paper shredding in OKC.

How Does Data Breaching Take Place?

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There are several potential reasons behind data theft, and here are a few of them:

1. All the documents are left in a room unsupervised. The room has a lack of security, and anyone can access it.

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2. The staff at the hospital or clinic are not aware of the importance of data. They should be provided with training on an ad hoc basis to protect data and to destroy unnecessary documents.


3. The next problem is a lack of concentration and focus. Sometimes hospitals and clinics maintain in-house data shredding due to budgetary limitations. Unfortunately, they often snub the importance of and fail to maintain regular data shredding practices. In the long run, this is a good opportunity for thieves to steal information.

4. Hospitals and clinics need to ensure that none of their employees, including doctors, nurses, lab technicians and office staff, are going to exploit data. The staff might have access to the information, but they should not use it for fraudulent purposes.

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Hiring a paper shredding service in oklahoma city means a clinic is giving data security proper attention. However, here is where some confusion may arise. Which should you choose: on-site or off-site shredding? In off-site document shredding, the company sends a vehicle to collect all the documents and then destroy them at a different location. But on-site shredding involves destruction at your location. You can see what is going to happen with the papers.

Upon destructing all the papers using a cross-cut method, our professional staff offering paper shredding in OKC will provide you with certification. The cross-cut method guarantees that the pieces of the papers cannot be reassembled. Furthermore, if asked, our company will erase all the information from the hard drives too.