Shredding Services for Law Firms

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Midcon Shredding provides one of the most extensive and safe shredding solutions, whether for a law firm, political office, NGO, corporate office or almost any other type of organization or entity.

The Bigger Problem When It Comes to a Law Firm

What happens when lawyers and their industry are faced with data shredding? In legal industries, keeping a document or not keeping it is a decision that has far-reaching consequences. What a document meant to a client when it was at a particular stage of the legal tussle and what it became later are both important phases of the data's cycle. Ideally, neither of them should be disposed of, since at a later stage, the older version of the data may become more pertinent, more relevant and truer to the case than the later case histories.

When the data becomes more important it must be kept, but when it becomes a simple piece of paper with little or no reason for storage, how is it to be disposed of? The answer is by safe, secure and privacy-conscious data shredding services in Houston, like Midcon Shredding. This service will take care of all the data shredding needs of the business with guaranteed, safe results.

Real Estate Woes


Real estate is costly nowadays, so when you store all of your essential data in cabinets and boxes for a long time, it all starts piling up. The papers will encroach upon your office space, and with time the pile will only grow. Only lawyers know the thin line between possession and ownership that follows! Thus, it is vital to get rid of all of the documents that have become obsolete and have them shredded so as to regain space in the office and even be able to occupy a smaller, cheaper office.

Which Legal Documents to Keep

  • Dated legal information: Dispose of all previously useful legal information that is now obsolete and non-functional. Much U.S. case law has been digitized, so check out Harvard’s “Case Law Access Project” to see if some of your legal materials are available online. If so, you no longer need the hard copies.
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  • Financial documents: Each state has different laws regarding how long financial records must be kept. Although lawyers are typically required to keep the records for five to 10 years, things are not always that simple, so make sure to double check the laws in your jurisdiction. Many documents can be scanned and filed digitally and the hard copies then shredded. Other records may simply be obsolete and can be disposed of altogether.
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  • Digitalization (The “Copy” or “Record” Rule): Certain jurisdictions require certain records in their original form, and no copy will be accepted. For example, New York lawyers are required to keep records—not copies—of deposits into firm and special accounts. Thus, digitalization of all records is a good way to phase out paper legal information, but keeping certain records in their original form is also a necessity even in this digital age.

Thus, keeping the above tips in mind, Midcon Shredding will provide you with the best shredding services in Houston.