Which Is Better: Shredding or Keeping?


Documents contain important information pertaining to an individual or a company, and therefore they play a very important role in our daily lives and work. Several business operations and processes of managing things through a proper channel undoubtedly generate both digital and hard copies of information. These documents often turn into messy heaps of paper when they are not managed prudently.

There are many companies offering services for document shredding in Edmond, but before you pick one of them, you need to be clear in your mind about what exactly you want to do with your documents. It is next to impossible to get the documents back once they are shredded, so you must think twice before jumping into a decision.

There are several ways of getting rid of the data or documents that are no longer in use. You can go for shredding, chemical treatment or even natural options like burning. These methods will destroy your data and will prevent misuse of sensitive documents by someone else.

However, people all over the world often ponder over the question of whether getting rid of a document will be helpful or, in contrast, will invite any legal or fiscal trouble for them in future. Moreover, people looking for methods of document shredding in Edmond usually end up in a dilemma where choosing between keeping the documents or shredding them becomes too hard. Since a great way to solve a dilemma is to decide after gaining a good idea about the pros and cons of the options available, this post will help you understand the ways to get rid of paper documents easily and effectively.

Although data or any piece of information when stored properly can assure you several benefits in the future, it is quite common for people to keep piling up papers in both their homes and workplaces instead of hiring proper services for document shredding in Edmond. The options listed below can be helpful for you in getting your documents settled according to your needs and preferences.

1. Document Shredding


Certain paper documents that are no longer in use by individuals or companies must be shredded to prevent them from being seen by prying eyes. These documents include payment statements, expired credit or debit cards, junk mail, old bank statements, etc. The process of shredding can be safely employed to dispose of all unwanted papers, files and cancelled checks that are more than seven years old.

2. Keeping Paper Documents

keeping documents

Documents corresponding to your marriage or divorce, retirement plans, medical records, property, etc. need to be preserved safely and securely so that you can retrieve them at your convenience. Aside from this, if you own a vehicle, you need to store the documents related to registration, licensing and titles. Experts advise the use of fireproof lockers to secure such documents, especially when you do not wish to go for document shredding in Edmond.

3. Saving Documents as Scanned Copies

Scanning documents.jpg

Information is often stored as hard copies worldwide, as it is quite easy to produce on demand that way. However, issues related to the security of paper documents is grabbing attention today. In addition, people are much more concerned about disposing huge amount of data generated at their homes and offices.

The option to scan copies of documents prior to opting for document shredding in Edmond is beneficial but fraught with risks and threat. Scanned copies of documents are much more prone to attacks, as their safety rests upon system security and software. Papers pertaining to tax returns, tax documents, annual investment statements and others can be saved as soft copies before putting them inside a shredder. A sound safety system and difficult-to-crack password locks can easily help you with getting rid of any unnecessary paper.


The three items above should give you a good idea about what options you can choose from when it comes to getting rid of unwanted paper documents at both your home and office. Now you can pick one according to your needs for document shredding in Edmond in the best possible way.