Off-site Vs. On-site Shredding Services

Data and shredding services are blooming rapidly, keeping up the pace with the accelerating global businesses and markets. With the latest innovations and technical tools, paper shredding has become much easier and faster. Although there are several methods available for shredding documents that are no longer in use, paper shredding services in Tulsa that offer both off-site and on-site shredding provide the optimum value for your money.

Shredding documents or data is the need of the hour for each and every business. This not just helps in getting rid of the hassles of storing data safely but also facilitates efficiency and proper utilization of staff and material to reach the desired ends. However, both off-site and on-site document shredding has its own benefits and drawbacks. A prudent data shredding system should mix and match both to secure maximum profits.

Off-site paper shredding refers to the collection and transportation of data from the places where they are generated to the places especially reserved for their safe destruction. This process of off-site paper shredding has the following pros and cons:


  • Off-site paper shredding generally involves mixing all the documents and then putting them through a shredder. This makes shredding a large number of documents faster and easier under a single roof.
  • The process of off-site paper shredding needs no watchdog. This saves a lot of energy on the part of the client, who appoints onlookers to keep an eye on the process of disposing data at an office.
  • The off-site method of paper shredding saves the most important commodity in running a business, i.e., time.


  • Off-site paper shredding services in Tulsa need specially designed vehicles that can carry huge amounts of data from one place to another.
  • Ensuring security of all data or any confidential information while transporting it to the site of destruction is the biggest issue pertaining to off-site paper shredding.
  • It is also possible that in certain instances the client may not know whether data handed over was destroyed safely and securely. Lack of adequate guarantee is also a disadvantage of off-site paper shredding systems.

In contrast to off-site paper shredding, data services in Tulsa also offer great on-site data shredding services. The system of getting rid of unwanted data or documents that are no longer useful without being transported elsewhere is called on-site paper shredding. This method also has some pros and cons, as discussed below:


  • Security is the foremost demand of clients around the globe when it comes to handling data or documents. On-site paper shredding allows optimum security and safe disposal on location.
  • Since on-site paper shredding needs no translocation of documents or data, you neither need a special vehicle nor extra personnel for getting things done.
  • On-site paper shredding often provides opportunities for appointing an observer who can keep a watch over the complete process of data destruction. Thus it instils a sense of goodwill and trust among clients.


  • On-site paper shredding gives rise to chances of hassles and unnecessary wastage of time and energy. It is highly time-consuming and calls for consistent observation by someone you can trust.
  • Although on-site paper shredding is packed with security for your data, the overall process is expensive and exhausting too.

On a last note, after having a glance at the possible pros and cons of both the methods, deciding which one excels over the other is quite difficult. Thus it can be concluded that efficient and effective data disposal is possible only if you employ a combination of the two, so that paper shredding in Tulsa gives an excellent boost to your business.