Our history begins in 1984 when MIDCON CEO Randy Allen decided to move to the great state of Oklahoma in order to work as a seismic data broker.  A graduate of Southwest Missouri State University, Randy studied business and decided to purchase the assets of the Oklahoma City office of Grant Norpac’s—a business specializing in seismic data storage, brokerage, processing, and acquisition—resulting in MIDCON Data Services Inc.

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Now, MIDCON has grown but still remains a private corporation specializing in multiple data divisions.  MIDCON is uniquely positioned—the growth and development of each area increases the overall success of all other areas.

Divisions of MIDCON include: 

• MIDCON Data Services, LLC

• MIDCON Seismic Data Brokerage

• MIDCON Recovery Solutions, LLC

• MIDCON Property Management, LLC

Because MIDCON is capable of customizing solutions to fit business’ and individuals’ various needs, it has become the leader in storage and data-management, situating itself both as a local and an international success. 

From business relationships with the State of Oklahoma to the tiny, mom and pop pharmacy, to the buzz-worthy startup seeking storage space to some of the most established, successful oil-and-gas companies in the world, MIDCON has handled them all. Additionally, MIDCON partners with Cox Business for their customers’ stable housing of off-site data center needs. Disaster recovery, climate-controlled document storage, medical data destruction, and data-intensive energy based projects are sensitive, stressful and expensive, which is why choosing MIDCON as your trusted partner is the right choice.  

With partners across the globe, MIDCON is known for its customizable solutions and quality customer service.  

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